The Institute of History of the University of Wrocław, Poland (IH UWr), Zajezdnia (Depot) History Centre, and the International Federation for Public History invite students, PhD candidates and practitioners to share their research in the framework of the third Public History Summer School to be held in Wrocław, 1-5 June 2020.

If you are interested in how history functions in the public sphere, the summer school will give you an opportunity to broaden your interests and enrich your experience. The event will combine lectures, workshops and debates concerning methodology and specific case studies delivered by specialists from the IH UWr and invited guests from other universities, as well as presentations of individual and collaborative research projects.

We strongly encourage graduate and postgraduate students, as well as those without academic affiliation but conducting interesting public history projects to submit their proposals in English. The proposals may include (but need not be limited to):

  • Historical narratives
  • History & politics
  • History & memory
  • E-history
  • Digital humanities
  • Oral history
  • Visual history
  • Museums, exhibitions, archives
  • Festivals and Reenactments
  • History of education
  • Historical journalism
  • Popularisation of history
  • History & media
  • History-related games
  • Project management

The Historical Institute of the University of Wrocław constitutes a major centre for public history studies in Poland which offers a unique MA programme taught in English. During the summer school, you will be given more information about pursuing MA in Public History at UWr and you will have an opportunity to meet other public history students. You will also visit the Museum of the University, old city of Wrocław, and Zajezdnia History Centre (a recently opened museum devoted to the post-WWII history of the city).

The summer school is organised within the framework of the 3rd International Conference Studying Public History – Methods, Difficulties, Perspectives.

Public History Summer School - poster